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Welcome to FirstAid4Schools, where safety meets education! We are dedicated to empowering young minds with essential life-saving skills through our specially crafted First Aid Curriculum designed for schools. At FirstAid4Schools, we understand the importance of equipping students with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in emergency situations. Our curriculum is meticulously developed to be engaging, age-appropriate, and seamlessly integrated into the school environment. We believe that every student has the potential to be a first responder, and our mission is to provide educators with the tools they need to instill a culture of safety and preparedness in the next generation. Join us in creating a safer and more resilient future by making FirstAid4Schools an integral part of your school’s educational journey.

Our Mission

We prioritize equipping every child with life-saving skills. Our curriculum ensures that students have the essential tools and knowledge to confidently handle emergencies, fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment. By instilling these critical skills early on, we are not only preparing individuals for crisis response but also cultivating a community that values safety. Join us in making safety a priority in schools and empowering the next generation with skills that last a lifetime.

Our Mission

Our mission at FirstAid4Schools is to create safer learning environments by equipping school staff with the tools they need to handle medical emergencies. We believe that every educator should have the confidence and competence to provide immediate assistance when it matters most. By delivering high-quality First Aid training, we aim to foster a culture of preparedness and care within the educational community.

Designed by teachers for teachers.

Our curriculum reflects the practical insights of educators. Crafted by experienced teachers, it seamlessly integrates into classrooms, making it easy for educators to instill life-saving skills in their lessons. Our approach is not only practical but also aligns with educational standards, empowering teachers to cultivate a culture of safety. With FirstAid4Schools, educators have the tools to inspire and educate the next generation effectively.

Content for all year groups

We cater to all year groups, ensuring age-appropriate and inclusive content for every student. From foundational concepts for younger learners to advanced skills for older students, our curriculum evolves to meet diverse needs. We believe safety education should be accessible to all, tailoring our content to address unique developmental stages. With FirstAid4Schools, educators can deliver a consistent, engaging safety curriculum that grows with students, laying a strong foundation for a lifetime of preparedness.

Simple solution to meet legal rquirements

In 2020, the Department for Education mandated that all state-funded schools in England include basic first aid and CPR training in the curriculum, making first aid a key part of children’s health education. Primary school students learn basic first aid and emergency contact procedures, while secondary school students cover common injuries, illnesses, CPR, and defibrillator usage. Although trained first aiders can teach, it’s recommended that teachers undergo specific training. FirstAid4Schools provides lesson plans, presentations and practical activities to enable qualityFirest Aid education to happen in every classroom.

Extended Support and Resources

FirstAid4Schools ensures an ongoing commitment to assisting educators and schools in successfully implementing our first aid curriculum. Our dedicated support team offers training and guidance to teachers, ensuring they feel confident in delivering engaging and effective lessons. Additionally, a wealth of supplementary resources, including learning materials and assembly resources, is readily available to enhance the learning experience. We understand the importance of ongoing support, and our aim is to empower schools with the tools they need to create a safe and prepared environment for students.

Join Us in Creating Safer Schools

Join us at FirstAid4Schools and become a vital part of a community committed to cultivating safer schools. Together, let’s equip teachers with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively teach first aid to children, ensuring the well-being of students and staff alike. Your dedication to fostering First Aid readiness is a crucial contribution towards creating a safer and more secure learning environment.

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