FirstAid4Schools Training:
Empowering Educators with Life-Saving Skills

Welcome to our Training page, where we outline our comprehensive First Aid courses tailored specifically for educational settings. At FirstAid4Schools, we understand the importance of meeting the standards set by The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981. Our training programs not only adhere to these regulations but go above and beyond to ensure that school staff are well-prepared to handle medical emergencies in their unique environments.

Key Features of Our Curriculum

Aligned with DfE Mandate:

In line with the 2020 Department for Education (DfE) mandate, FirstAid4Schools is dedicated to integrating basic first aid and CPR training into the curriculum of all state-funded schools in England. Tailored Curriculum: Our initiative incorporates first aid into children's health education, providing age-specific training for different groups. Primary School Students: Basic first aid skills for common injuries, including head injuries. How to contact emergency services. Secondary School Students: Basic first aid for common injuries and illnesses. Life-saving skills such as CPR and defibrillator usage.

Teacher Involvement

Recognising the crucial role of teachers and understaning the current financial difficulties faced by our schools, our curriculum is designed to be delivered by teachers and TAs in the classroom. Alongside, our easy to use plans and resources, we have created specific training to help refresh the First Aid skills of educators and develop tools to effectively teach first aid to students. Teacher Training Courses: Ensures teachers are confident in performing first aid (including FAAW qualifications). Equips educators to deliver training to students effectively. Aims for lessons to be enjoyable, engaging, and effective.

Online Resources and Support

FirstAid4Schools provides comprehensive online resources, including teaching pathways, lesson plans, and materials to support schools in meeting DfE requirements for different Key Stages. Teaching pathways are available for EYFS, and Key stage 1-4, enabling schools of all sizes to build the life saving skills required for a safer future. Our learning management system allows any educator to quickly access and deliver sessions supported by clear presentations, worksheets, activities and extension tasks.

Training Equipment

To facilitate first aid training, schools may need to invest in essential equipment such as resuscitation manikins and bandages and dressings. First Aid 4 Schools offer equipment packages for Primary, Secondary and Colleges, enabling delivery of more practical hands on activities. All of our teacher led sessions are designed to be delivered with or without the practical elements meaning financial barriers to learning are reduced.

Join us at FirstAid4Schools for training that not only meets but exceeds regulatory standards. Together, let’s prioritize safety and equip educators with the knowledge and skills needed to respond confidently and effectively in times of need.